MoTeC Dual M142 Lamborghini Huracan / Audi R8 PNP ECU Kit

MoTeC Dual M142 Lamborghini Huracan / Audi R8 PNP ECU Kit


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MoTeC Dual M142 Lamborghini Huracan / Audi R8 PNP ECU Kit

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This Plug-In Kit provides a complete replacement for the factory OE (original equipment) ECUs for the Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8 engine. Using existing wiring, the original fuel system and sensors, it delivers convenient installation with fully programmable control.

Two M142 ECUs are supplied, one acting as a Master ECU, in which all common tuning adjustments are made, the other as a Slave ECU that takes commands from the Master, together providing full functionality plus Engine Torque Control and additional features unique to these vehicles.

Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, this Kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • - Push button start
  • - 7-Speed DSG transmission integration with tunable shift cuts and blips
  • - Direct injector with high pressure fuel pump control, and secondary port injector control.
  • - Optional boost control via wastegate solenoids or servos
  • - Air conditioner control
  • - Variable speed fan control
  • - Map switching from driving modes (Strada, Sport, Corsa) and from cruise control buttons / stalk
  • - Fuel lift pump and coolant pump control
  • - Cruise control
  • - Integrated electronics for OE Lambda sensors
  • - All OE dash functionality including warnings

The Package contains the base calibration and all settings for the sensors, direct fuel injectors, port fuel injectors, ignition coils, knock control, throttle servos and camshafts. They have also been calibrated to match the OE factory fuelling, ignition and camshaft phasing. This saves a significant amount of time by shortcutting the setup process. Users can begin tuning to their desired power level right away with the assurance of a safe base tune that is equivalent to the original vehicle.

Included are many ancillary features commonly found on race cars, such as anti-lag, driver switches (e.g. pit switch, launch enable, boost trim), gearbox control, knock control, intercooler sprays, launch control, coolant pumps and traction control.


The product fully integrates with other MoTeC devices, providing pre-defined CAN messaging for all current MoTeC Display/Loggers, LTCs, E888, HD-VCS, GPS, ADR , BR2 , PDM and SLMs.

ECU Variants

The Package is available for use with MoTeC's M142 ECUs. 



PART #11407



  • 2x MoTeC M142 ECUs
  • M142 Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Adaptor Kit
  • Enable - for the 2x MoTeC M142 ECUs
  • Firmware Licences (for the Lamborghini Huracan 2014 Master and Slave M1 Packages)
  • Logging Licence: Level 1 upgrade available
  • Analysis Licence: i2 Standard upgrade available
MoTeC creates quality products and provide quality support to match. 

Vehicle Compatibilty

This product includes CAN messaging for full OE vehicle integration. The Package caters for OE vehicle systems such as power steering, ABS, starting systems and dashboards.

The following table shows compatible vehicles.

Vehicle     Year Beginning Badge Comment
Lamborghini Huracan 2014 LP610-4 Including Spyder
Lamborghini Huracan 2017 LP640-4 Performante. Including Spyder
Lamborghini Huracan 2016    LP580-2 Rear wheel drive. Including Spyder
Audi R8  2015   Including Spyder
Audi R8 2016 V10 Plus Including Spyder
Audi R8 2017 RWS Rear wheel drive. Including Spyder

NOTE: Newer models like the Huracan Evo will be added to the list once testing is complete. Contact MoTeC if your model is not on the list. This product is not suitable for Audi R8 2008-2015 (first generation) models.


  • -M142 ECU hardware, two ECUs configured as master and slave, combined -
    • 64 outputs
    • 90 inputs
    • 6 x CAN, 2 x RS232, 2 x LIN, 2 x Ethernet.
  • -Traction control
    • Controls front to rear wheel slip closed loop to an aim value.
    • Torque reduction by ignition timing or cut for fast response.
    • Tunable and dynamically adjustable aim slip.
  • -Traction Model system
    • Controls the maximum wheel torque via throttle reduction.
    • Dynamically adjustable for downforce and G force (lateral and vertical).
    • This open loop system works in conjunction with the closed loop slip based control.
  • -Flex Fuel and Dual Fuel control
    • Model based fuel type selection, reduces tuning time.
    • Comprehensive tunability.
    • Ethanol sensor support.
  • -Boost dual control
    • Two separate closed loop control systems with respective boost control solenoid outputs and boost pressure sensors.
    • Comprehensive tuning including influences for barometric pressure and gear.
    • Allows for multiple intercooler configurations including water-to-air with pump and fan control.
    • Integrates with torque control system.
  • -Nitrous control
    • For wet or dry nitrous oxide systems.
    • Two stage with multiple trigger conditions and time limits.
    • Nitrous transport delay for dry systems.
    • Fuel pump triggers.
  • -Boost Servo control
    • Controls dual servo operated wastegates or blow-off valves.
    • Multiple sources for aim position.
    • Use for boost control, blow-off valve or turbo surge prevention.
  • -Gear Up Shift Torque reduction
    • Fully tunable gear shift torque reduction amount based on current torque and clutch slip.
    • Ignition retard and/or ignition/fuel cut methods.
    • Integrates with TCM based torque reduction control.
  • -Clutch Slip control
    • Reduce torque by throttle control to protect the clutch from damage (overheat).
    • Reduce torque by ignition retard, closed loop to an aim slip, which allows safe operation to the limits of the clutch.
  • -Knock control system
    • Engine knock detected by DSP to filter out noise.
    • Individual cylinder control; only act on the cylinder that is knocking.
    • Control successive knock events by:
                  • Reducing ignition timing
                  • Adding fuel
                  • Adding ignition cut
    • Control filtering based on single event, transient conditions or gear shift.
  • -Launch control
    • Closed loop engine speed control using ignition timing and cut.
    • Builds boost without loading the engine, giving very consistent engine speed and torque available for take off.
    • Fast boost building using higher engine speed, reducing to desired launch engine speed as boost rises to the aim pressure.
  • -Driver Map switch
    • Multiple toggle, latching or 10 position switch inputs.
    • Link switches to one or multiple subsystem controls.
    • Map switching and/or enable control for useful subsystems, e.g. Throttle Pedal, Traction control, Gear Shift, Anti Lag.
  • -Throttle pedal damper, filters the throttle pedal at low opening for improved drive-ability.
  • -Warning system
    • Light output and OE check engine lamp.
    • Solid or flashing at 0.5 Hz, 1 Hz or 5 Hz depending on severity of the warning.
    • Threshold limits with time delays all configurable.
    • Warnings for diagnostic conditions and subsystem active.
    • Additional OE telltales, low oil level, coolant hot, and more.
  • -OE TCM (DSG transmission) integration
    • Obeys commands from the TCM as per OE.
    • Down shift throttle blip with rev matching.
    • Up shift torque reduction by ignition retard and fuel cut.
    • Torque limit for shift blending and transmission limp home.
    • Tunable for take off, shift feel, shift points, launch and more.
  • -OE VDC (ABS) integration
    • VDC system operates as per OE.
    • Obeys torque reduction commands for traction control, ESP and limp home (tunable).
    • Reads ABS data, wheel speeds, acceleration lateral and longitudinal, etc.
  • -Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 and M5 support
  • -Bosch CAN inertial sensor MM5.10 support
  • -Torque modelling
    • Based on normal engine tuning, e.g. the tuning process is no more difficult or time consuming than tuning an M1 ECU without torque modelling.
    • Limits torque accurately using the throttles, compensates for any boost pressure.
    • Integrates with ignition timing and ignition/fuel cut systems for seamless blending between torque reduction methods.
  • -Engine Load (fuelling) calculation from different sources
    • Inlet manifold pressure sensors.
    • Mass air flow sensors.
    • Throttle position and boost pressure.
    • Combination of the above.
  • -Cruise Control
    • Functionality exactly like the OE ECU.
    • Set speed adjustable in configurable increments in km/h or mph.
    • Fully tunable control.
    • Speed limiter mode.
    • Preset speed settings.
  • -Fuel Closed Loop mixture control for individual banks.
  • -Driver Steering Wheel map switching
    • Displays the setting on the OE dash, overrides the tacho and red line display.
    • Three setting with 10 positions.
    • M button in Corsa mode used for momentary (hold down) functions like rolling launch.
  • -Integrated 250 Mb of logging memory.
  • -Includes Level 2 Data Logging: 200 channels at up to 200Hz.
    • Upgradable to Level 3 Logging: 2000 channels at up to 1000Hz.
  • -Data analysis via MoTeC's renowned i2 software.
  • -Control for 5 separate fuel pumps
    • Multi speed pump control.
    • Sub fuel pump switch control.
    • PWM closed loop fuel pressure control system.
    • Options for many fuel pump and system configurations.
  • -Fallback and limp home strategies
    • If a sensor fails (e.g. MAP), alternate load sensors are used.
  • -Easy wiring of additional sensors via the 'breakout' connector: multiple EGTs (via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier or up to 8 via E888), GPS.
  • -Gear Automatic Shift control, allows fully tunable gear shift points (Huracan only).
  • -Injector outputs for 20 individual injectors: 10 x direct injectors and 10 x port (saturated drive)
    • Tunable balance table, injection timing,
    • Comprehensive blending and transport delay compensations for secondary (port) injectors.
  • -Ignition output pin for each cylinder (coil on plug).
  • -Inlet and exhaust camshaft timing control
  • -Dual bank Lambda sensor control with LTC modules fitted inside the ECU adaptor boxes, using OE Lambda sensors..
  • -Engine physical settings for fast setup and minor re-tuning for many modifications.
  • -Engine pumping efficiency, air flow and load modelling based on inlet manifold pressure.
  • -Dual bank fuelling
    • Each bank can be fuelled from its respective set of sensors, MAF, Boost, MAP, TP, AT.
    • Redundant sensor support; if one sensor fails the other bank's sensor is automatically substituted.
  • -Sensor calibrations available for many common automotive sensors.
  • -Transient fuelling compensation using physical modelling of fuel film remaining in the inlet manifold.
  • -Support of MoTeC devices: ADR, E8XX, PDM, SLM, VCS, C1xx dashes.
  • -Test settings for most outputs, including injection and ignition outputs, for easier setup.
  • -Wastegate Pressure closed loop control, e.g. for CO2 systems.
  • -Anti Lag system
    • Controls ignition timing, fuel volume, ignition cut, engine speed limit, boost aim and torque (opens throttle).
    • Setup for circuit, rally or roll racing (rolling launch).
  • -Turbocharger Bypass Valve control (electric blow-off valve).
  • -Air Conditioner control
    • Conditional clutch activation
    • Fan control
  • -Coolant Temperature compensations for engine speed limit, ignition timing, fuel mixture and boost limit.
  • -Coolant Pump output with PWM control.
  • -Coolant Pump After Run functionality, optionally with additional pump output.
  • -Engine Speed Limiting with ignition cut and/or fuel cut.
  • -Fuel Flow Supply and Fuel Flow Return sensor inputs.
  • -Exhaust Sound control.
  • -Charcoal canister purge valve control.
  • -GPS data via CAN or RS232.
  • -Intercooler Temperature and spray control.
  • -Differential Oil Temperature control with dedicated temperature sensor and pump output.
  • -Engine Charge air temperature calculation, allows for correction of inlet air temperature (compensation of heat soak effect etc.).
  • -Lap distance, time and number via BR2, GPS or switched input, with split and sector options.
  • -Race Time system
    • Trim tables for ignition timing, fuel mixture, boost limit and torque limit.
    • Integrates with launch and traction control
  • -Idle control system using ignition timing and throttle control.
  • -Engine Load Average, allows trims to be applied with persistent high engine load.
  • -Dedicated fuel, ignition and throttle setting for cranking and post start.
  • -Alternator closed loop control
  • -Engine hours, odometer and trip meter.
  • -Configurable security for multiple users.
  • -Brake State configuration using a switch or a pressure sensor.
  • -Brake Vacuum system with pump control.
  • -ECU internal G-force (acceleration) – longitudinal, lateral and vertical.
  • -ECU CAN receive from a defined CAN ID for data reception from MoTeC devices. Support of 3 CAN buses.
  • -ECU CAN transmit of the most common channels using standard MoTeC CAN templates, ideal for MoTeC dash displays.
  • -Drive by Wire / Throttle Servo dual bank control.
  • -Throttle Pedal sensor with translation table commanding engine torque.
  • -Transmission Pump output with transmission temperature threshold and hysteresis control.
  • -Vehicle Speed measurement using wheel speed sensors, estimation or GPS.
  • -Auxiliary Time system with tables for ignition timing compensation, fuel volume trim and fuel mixture aim.
  • -Auxiliary Outputs x 5, for PWM control of added actuators:
    • Duty cycle tables using engine speed and throttle or manifold pressure axis.
    • Activation based on inlet manifold pressure or throttle position.
    • Auxiliary Output 1 includes tables for ignition timing compensation, fuel volume trim and fuel mixture aim.
    • Auxiliary Output 5 includes external sensor input.
  • -Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin and/or CAN message, including:
    • Airbox Mass Flow, Pressure and Temperature
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Brake Pressure Front and Rear
    • Brake Switch
    • Coolant Pressure and Temperature
    • Engine Oil Pressure and Temperature
    • Engine Crankcase Pressure
    • Exhaust Pressure Bank 1 and Bank 2
    • Exhaust Temperature (EGT) via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier, Generic CAN or E888 for Bank 1 and 2 Collector, and Cylinders 1 to 6.
    • Exhaust Lambda via LTC, LTCN or PLM for Bank 1 and 2 Collector, and Cylinders 1 to 10.
    • Fuel Pressure and Temperature
    • Fuel Tank Level
    • Gear Neutral Switch
    • Gear Shift Request
    • Intercooler Temperature
    • Steering Angle and Pressure
    • Transmission Pressure and Temperature
    • Turbocharger Speed
    • Turbocharger Inlet/Outlet Temperature
    • Turbocharger Wastegate Position
    • G-Force (Acceleration) – Longitudinal, Lateral, Vertical.
    • Wheel Speed sensors front/rear left/right, wired or CAN input.
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pressure


Additional information

  • 2015-2020 Audi R8
  • 2014-2020 Lamborghini Huracan

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